Office Removals

We ensure continuity for your business

Office removal is quite a unique type of removal, as the removalist company has to ensure continuity for the business, for you and the staff. This can be more hard if the business is to run even during the removal.

Urban Removalists pay regard to confidentiality of documents accessed during the process of relocating. For example when carrying out office removal of a medical office, health records confidentiality is the topmost at the list of considerations.

During the removal non- essential staff are advised not to be present in the office at the beginning of the physical move for Health and Safety reasons.

office removalsA removalist company ought to have provision for services that aim at managing the business during its transition period. The help of an experienced and qualified staff can only do this. For example, installation of electronics and space management lies within the scope of duties of a removalist company. The removalist company must handpick the most skilled staff from the area, to whom initial and ongoing training need be offered, of necessity shall also be the provision of comprehensive insurance in their cause of business. This assures the client of safety to his property and any liability on the technician’s health.

Risk assessment in the moving of office equipment is of paramount importance for a smooth continuous running of office functions, regard is payed to the carriage and safety of the items.

During removals, the removalist company has to consider proper packing of equipment as to know the contents of the various delivery boxes. Carrying of items in their assembled state increases the risk of damaging of office equipment, to avoid this, disassembling of furniture to appropriate portability will be of great salvation to risk. 

Office removal services should encompass specialized packing services and materials for priceless sculptures, antique furniture, fine art and any other type of art, as such delicate items would need special care during removal. 

In determining the removalist company to use, one has to check if the company offers storage services in the process of removal. The company needs to offer services that are aimed at helping the client store some of his property, either as a plan to downsize the assets or when trying to locate a new office. Such storage can be long term or short term. A good removalist company will offer document archive storage services, in the offering of this service; top-notch confidentiality has to be maintained, as some of such documents may be very critical to the running of business at the office.

Corporate social responsibility that involves environmental commitment must be part of a removalist’s company’s mission, the company should help a business, during a removal, dismantle, sort and segregate all the office waste and while partnering with eco-friendly organization to ensure that all your unwanted effects are disposed of or otherwise recycled.