Furniture removals

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We provide special care for all furniture removals. Urban Removalists is using a high performing protective packaging to protect your furniture. Valuable and distinctive items are handled with the utmost care.  Whether you want to move a plasma television, a set of golf equipment or perhaps a grand piano, we will customise packing materials and protective enclosures to make sure not a single thing is left to chance.

Urban Removalists can move all kind of furniture from heavy bed to the most sophisticated dining table.

Regardless of whether you are moving across the road, to a different city, or interstate, we are able to assist you in making the move.  As the leading and most trusted Melbourne furniture removalists with the widest network of connections throughout Australia, we understand how to carefully get your furnishings and personal possessions to all location.

How to prepare for furniture removal?

Have you ever experienced or thought of how house moving can be hectic, time-consuming and lengthy. It is such a thought that yields the need to contract the services of a removalist company; likewise, individuals can do it. Nonetheless, in considering a removalist company, a person can only be considerate of factors such as affordable rates, the scope of insurance policy and standards held by removalist company. However, before moving comes much preparations.

Keeping a list of everything to be done and the periods thereon will help in preparing for a furniture removal in a more relaxed way. When every relevant preparation step is listed, the chances of omitting to undertake any step listed are minimized. This technique saves on time.

In removals that entail moving of furniture, it is important that there be a pre- visit from removalist company staff to assess the quantity and thereby be informed on what exactly will be needed in the removal process. It is during such a visit that you shall know if the company has an insurance policy and the extent of its coverage. This is necessary as the company may have an insurance policy that may not cover certain items within the furniture that you may want to move.

Depending with the arrangement you have with your preferred removalist company, you may be required to procure safe packing boxes that will be used for packing, mostly flimsy items. This should be done earlier enough before the actual removal day to afford adequate time to pack each item as required depending on its feebleness.

In the case of cabinets and shelves, prior empting of the contents within them helps in reducing the damage of such contents.

Packing and moving of furniture in their current situation can be tedious and space consuming. That calls for the need to disassemble the furniture for easy packing and transportation. This may only be safely done by the use of the right kind of tool furniture and by a trained staff. Beds, cupboards and shelves may in this regard be dismantled to different parts . In doing so the small parts of furniture and screws should be put in sealable containers or sandwich plastic bags and attached to box in which the pertinent furniture is packed.

Definitely, you will need your furniture to arrive in your new premises in a condition that they were in during packing. The achievement of this prime objective is through the employment of maximum protection methods. The provision of a soft buffer between furniture at the time of packing will enormously help in the circumvention of scratches on the surfaces of the furniture. By the use of specialized protective blankets to cover furniture, the guarantee of the reduction of the feasibility of sweating and scratching on the surfaces of furniture is assured.

Furniture such as couches come handy with pillows and covers, during packing of such appurtenant, in the observance of utmost neatness, they ought to be packed in non-porous bags plastic.

At the conclusion of packing, a record on each packed box should denote the contents, fragility and the rooms that the boxes shall be placed in after the removal has been executed. While labeling and coordinating boxes it is prudent to make a list of the contents of each boxes for easy tracing of specific furniture, for instance a coffee table. Noteworthy that all the boxes need to be earmarked in the order that they shall be packed on the truck. When packing boxes of furniture on to a truck, it should be that, the execution is to a maximum of four levels up, starting with the least feeble.

Notwithstanding that, a removalist company will undertake the removals or it shall be by you, consideration has to be put to the design and size of trucks and vans to be used. Obviously, furniture removals will need large trucks able to be fit with furniture without any straining.

However, during removals of furniture, you may be staring at a potential risk and fail to take necessary steps to aver such risks. For instance, during furniture removals that will include a glass table, it would be advisable that such furniture is not transported with other ordinary furniture in the truck. If it is of a portable size, then you can carry it separately with you in your vehicle.

Furniture removals will not be stressful and tedious anymore with such a proper and scrupulous preparations, you are assured of a humble and enjoyable time during removals.

How Urban removalist handle your furniture during removal

Furniture is essentially one of the bulky items than anyone moving has to deal with. From Lounge furniture, dining furniture small and king size beds ,it is hard to contemplate moving such items. Most furniture is large, heavy, and thus very hectic to even move out of the house. Moreover, big cabinets with glass parts may break in the process. Moreover, it is difficult to contemplate how furniture items can be dissembled in order to fit in packing bags.

However, the growth of furniture removals has the potential of making it stress- free to move furniture. To help you have a peaceful moving of your furniture, Urban removalists have made it a core mission to ensure proper care of all furniture during removals. Whether it is local or interstate moving, we always ensure to stay true to our mission of providing professional furniture removal services.

Our transaction with clients starts with a pre-move visit that is aimed at assessing the size and volume of the furniture. Assisted by the client, our staff will come up with a list of all the furniture items. The client must to this extent ensure to disclose all furniture items that they intend to move.

We understand that furniture is practically one of the biggest investments in one’s home or business. We thus ensure that such furniture is not dented or scratched during removal . To achieve this, we have specially trained staff for this task. Adequate work force is undoubtedly needed to move furniture from the house or business premises and load it carefully into our trucks. We have thus invested in adequate staff to effectively perform this role. During our pre- move visit, we are able to establish whether the furniture is being moved from top or bottom floors and therefore plan effectively.

Whether it is the large cabinets and king size beds, Urban Removalists assures of safe removal. To this extent, urban removalist has invested in vans that comfortably fit in any size of furniture. In this regard, we have the 2 ton van, 4.4 ton and 6 ton. No matter the size and volume of furniture, urban removalist promises to safely move any furniture size.

In addition, we have sufficient of other equipment such as lifting trolleys wheelbarrow for easy moving of furniture.

In case certain furniture items can be dissembled, our professional team is specially trained in this regard to dissemble furniture items and pack them accordingly. In addition we have invested in professional handy power tools to help in fast and safe disassemble of furniture items. We particularly strive to dissemble all furniture items that can be disassembled because moving furniture in their assembled state essentially increases the risks of damage. The dining tables for instance are more safe if moved in their dissembled state.

With regard to packing furniture items, we ensure to wrap items with high-grade materials for maximum protection. Further, furniture items with draws are wrapped so that they would not come open during moving. Further, draws are locked any loose items inside the draws are removed. To prevent large furniture from damage by scratch, we professionally wrap them up with removal blankets .

Certain furniture say desks have some beautiful parts such as a wood top; to this extent, we have invested in bubble wrap and plastic wrap to ensure we protect the surface from dent or scratch. To protect sofas from any damage, we ensure to wrap with specially designed sofa covers. Wrapping and padding is a top priority because in addition to protecting the item from damage, it protects the floor and walls from scratch as furniture is moved out. Further, padded furniture can be easily stacked together without worry of being scratched.

Further to ensure that furniture is securely held during transit, our team ensures to strap down the furniture. this will prevent by items from falling and being damaged. Moreover, other items in transit may be damaged when furniture drops on them.

In the event furniture removal shall take some considerable time, our storage services assure of safe storage of the furniture. More so, the furniture is protected from dust and debris collecting on.

Finally, once the furniture has arrived to the destination premises, we relieve our client of the stress of unloading and moving the furniture in by having our team provide this service. Moving in furniture to say, top floor apartments or top floor offices is particularly very stressful. Where furniture was dissembled, we make it our business to assemble such parts. Our professional team is well- equipped to assemble all kind of assembly including assembly of prefabricated wardrobes.

Urban removalists premium services may be ordered for all your furniture removals in residential removal, commercial removal and also interstate removals.