FAQ Urban Removalists

Urban Removalists- FAQ

How much notice do I need to make a booking? 

Bookings may be made online through our website; http://www.urbanremovalists.com.au/our-services/. Booking online is an easy process that requires to fill few details such as your name and the suburb from where you are moving from and the suburb you are moving to. However, we also offer removal emergency services

What removal services does the company offer?

Urban Removalists has over the years continued to widen its scope of services it offers to its customers. Presently, we pride in provision of virtually every removal services one may think of. These includes, residential removals, office removals, furniture removals and interstate removals. Our staff is kind and professionally trained to handle electronics and all your fragile items.

Our team is also trained in interstate removals by having the skills needed for provision of removals services in other countries. More so, our staff is well knowledgeable in the laws of receiving states.

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Are there items that I cannot move?

Our removalist company s weary of moving certain items such as fire arms, jewelry and money . You may contact our office for consultations in this regard.

Can my furniture be moved on a Sunday?

We are available to serve our customers 7 days a week .

Does the removal services cover disassembly and assembly of furniture?

Yes. Urban removals is made of a large team that involves staff skilled in the assembly and disassembly of furniture. we are fully equipped In the required tool for this purpose and or efficiency is not limited by rusted bolts or complexity of furniture designs; not even the assembly or prefabricated wardrobe is difficult for us.

Our team is also professionally skilled to help in the installation of electronics that may have been disconnected. Once the furniture reaches the destination, we assemble them leaving you with the peace to enjoy your new location.

Can I pack the items by myself?

If you wish to pack the furniture, we do not restrain you doing so. Our staff provides the necessary packing bags. We however discourage our customers solely because in most instances they lack the knowledge to safely remove bolts or screw them back. Urban Removalists has particularly invested in burble wraps and plastic wrap that ensures that items are moved in a manner not to dent the floor or the walls. When it comes to packing of furniture, we wrap them in large removal blankets while we wrap sofas with specially designed sofa covers protecting them from damage.

What is transit insurance and does your company offer it?

Transit insurance is a type of insurance that covers goods against loss and damage while in transit. The extent of the goods covered will vary from a removal company to the other. Yes. We offer transit insurance. Urban Removalists promises to move your goods with high professionalism and care. To ensure utmost safety of your items, our crews will ensure to strap them and lock any drawers and locks to ensure they do not fall during transit.

We however appreciate that, we appreciate that accidents and unforeseen incidents do happen Moreover, items such as furniture was not meant to be moved in trucks. When there are such unfortunate events, our transit insurance comes in handy to compensate you for any loss or damage on the goods.

Will my floor be messed up by moving traffic and trolleys?

It is to be expected that there shall be some form of mess in the floor as our crew moves up and down and move trolleys. We advise our clients to lay floor covering or extra pads so that there can be as minimal mess as possible on the floor.

Am I supposed to give your men refreshments while working?

No. our customers are obligated to give any refreshments to our crew or any tips. The decision to offer our crew a cup of tea or a glass of water is a personal choice and will be much appreciated.

Am I supposed to be there at pick and delivery of the goods?

Although we are a professional and trustworthy removalist that guarantees utmost care of your furniture, we require at least the owner or a representative to be present at the pick and delivery. This is for the purposes of guiding our crew of what needs to be taken at what location. This also minimizes the chances of back and forth between our company and our customers as to the contents and condition of the transported furniture.

Where you elect a representative or an agent to be there at the pick and delivery, ensure to inform our office and provide their phone numbers. If it proves impossible to appoint a representative or be personally present, arrange to have the furniture stored with us until such a time when there can be someone to accept delivery.

When do I need to make payment?

Payment can be made before removal or after delivery. This term will be stipulated in the removal contract. One of our staff members will visit your home or office and you can have a pre- move visit. This meeting is meant to inform our staff of what exactly is to be moved and the distance it is moved. From this meeting, the amount to be paid is specifically provided in the quotation and will be availed to you before the removal.

Our payment rates are determined by factors such as the chosen truck and number of removalists selected. A customer who hires the 8 ton truck is charged higher than a customer who hire the 2 ton truck. Further, if you decide to hire two removalist, the charges are slightly higher than hiring one removalist. Noteworthy, the rates will vary with the number of hours to be spent in moving with no hidden charges.

How many men do you send?

Our customers have a choice of either one man or two men to assist in the removal.

What size trucks do you have?

Our removals company prides of a number of transit trucks that are specially designed to carry furniture and other items. These are 2 ton, 4.5 ton, 6 ton and 8 ton trucks. The 2 ton truck is ideal for a one bedroom house, the 4.5 ton for a 2 or 3 bedroom house, 6 ton for 3 0r 4 ton bedroom and our largest truck, 8 ton is ideal for 4 to 5 bedroom house.

Can the removalist help with storage services when need be?

Yes. We offer quality storage services for such a period as our client may request. This period may be a week or even a month. Our storage facility is customized for furniture storage and guarantees high security to the stored furniture. Moreover, we ensure to protected the stored items from debris and dust.